Installing and running Tomtom 7 on your Navigo

Well, I haven't looked at this site for while now and it seems to me just as out of date as my Tomtom 6's maps are!

I am sick of using the installed Tomtom on my Navigo with maps that are out of date and so am looking to install Tomtom 7 with up-to-date maps. Looking around for up-to-date maps, I found that I am unable to use the newer maps on version 6. I believe if I install Tomtom 7, I will be able to use up-to-date maps (for Tomtom 8) on it.

While searching for maps, I found that thepctailor website is now asking for donations to be able to download software and maps you want to install on your hacked Navigo! It is one thing to create a 'scene' and infringe copyright laws, but it is something else to charge for it - this is called piracy!

Luckily, we are able to obtain software and maps via other means. One such mechanism is via a Google search! ;)

Where to begin?

Well, from the start of course. Assuming we've all forgotten how to hack our Navigo and lost all our hacking tools, lets start there!

First we need Active Sync. This can be downloaded from Microsoft here. Once downloaded and installed, plug-in your Navigo and choose 'No' to the Partnership dialog box if it pops up or when you run ActiveSync. Clicking on the Explore button, ActiveSync should show you the file structure of the Navigo in another explorer window.

How hacked was yours?

I don't know how hacked your Navigo is, but I had hacked mine fully to the state where it had numerous apps on it with a menu which allowed access to them. I could also quit the menu and exit to WinCE 5.

The thing was that I hardly used the other apps, and only used Tomtom for GPS navigation. So my intention now is to just make the Navigo boot up into Tomtom and use it purely as a GPS device. (I gave an iPod Touch and an HTC Desire for the other purposes LOL!)

Download Tom Tom 7

Perform a search on Google or for TomTom 7. Download the install package from sites such as MegaUpload, FileCrop or similar. The first one I found was on BitTorrent called ''TomTom Navigator 7.450 (9028) for Windows Mobile with keygen". However, I did not get this to work. I tried lots of things, including (1) and (2) below, but not (3) as I started to download newer version of Tom Tom 7. Search for "TTN_7.910.9185.CAB" and see this forum link.

You will also need to download Albert's Easy Activator (I downloaded version v0.57.21). This utility will patch the TomTom7 software for your particular Navigo. You won't need to use Easy Activator if you download the TomTom package that has the patching software with it.

Installing Tom Tom 7 Navigator

Transfer the .cab file from your PC to the Navigator SD card using ActiveSync or direct to it by a card reader. Then boot up the Navigo in WinCE mode and browse for the CAB file and execute it. It should install and you will be able to get it running, if you have created the patch files for the maps.

Getting Tom Tom 7 to work

If you can't get Tom Tom 7 to work (with no maps found or not enough memory) on your Navigo, try one or all of these:
1. Use an SD card and format it FAT not an HCSD card.
2. Use CeRegEditor to edit the WinCE registry changing the path of the My Documents folder (to point at My Documents folder on SD card)
3. Patch the TomTom Navigator.exe using a Hex editor (such as Neo) and change bytes at file offset 27081Ch: from 00 30 90 E5 0F E0 A0 E1 20 F0 93 E5 to 00 00 A0 01 0F E0 A0 E1 00 00 A0 01 (tip credit here)

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